CasBar: Cassius Takes on Shad Moss in a High Stakes Game of NBA 2K


CasBar switches things up and takes us to an arcade. For this episode, hip-hop veteran Bow Wow aka Shad Moss stopped by to play some NBA 2K18 against Team CASSIUS, represented by Beanz—1/3 of the He Shoots, She Scores & A Side of Beanz podcast. This wasn’t just any ordinary pick-up game. There were some high stakes involved.

Here are the rules:

  1. The game will consist of three-minute quarters.
  2. If Team CASSIUS is up by the end of the quarter, Bow Wow will have to answer any juicy question we ask. If Shad wins, he gets to plug whatever he wants for 15-seconds.
  3. Team CASSIUS better not get its ass kicked.

With that said, the intense competition began with Bow Wow running with the high-powered Houston Rockets and Beanz sticking with his beloved LeBron James-led Cleveland Cavaliers. Full disclaimer: the rosters were not updated and Bow Wow enjoys handing out L’s via NBA 2K on Xbox One instead of PS4. That should have leveled out the playing fields a bit… but let’s keep in mind that Bow Wow is a pretty good 2K player.

During the session, we got Bow Wow to spill the beans (no pun) on his final radio interview ever with Power 105.1’s Breakfast Club and why it was his last.

“Typically because every time I say anything—or whatever it is I do—they always twist my shit around,” he shared. “They always pick whatever it is that they can get to sell a click or a fucking view.”

It might be a wrap for radio interviews, but he definitely has some new music coming down the pipeline. A new DJ Drama-hosted mixtape titled G6 is on the way, and its first single is already out. Shad is also executive producing a new movie that’s being filmed in Louisiana, and he spoke about his new show, #BowWowChallenge, which is based on the famous Black Twitter moment.

Despite his best efforts, Beanz could not secure the win, but Shad WAS kind enough to give us some juice and let us know he made Fat Joe lean back in a game of 2K. He even offered Beanz a new job working with him in Atlanta. Things got a bit serious when he spoke about the time he contemplated suicide, which inspired his new album titled Edicius. Bow Wow vows to be back, and Beanz promises to step his skills up next round when NBA 2K19 drops.

Check out the video above.

CasBar, Bow Wow

Source: iOne Video / iOne Video