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Kyrie Irving’s apology tour has begun.

A week after promoting an anti-semitic movie called Hebrews to Negroes: Wake Up Black America via Twitter, Irving is righting his wrongs by putting money where his mouth is.

It started with a joint statement between Irving, the Brooklyn Nets, and the Anti-Defamation League – a “nonprofit organization devoted to fighting antisemitism and all types of hate that undermine justice and fair treatment for every individual” where the baller expresses regret.

“I oppose all forms of hatred and oppression and stand strong with communities that are marginalized and impacted every day,” Irving said in the statement. “I am aware of the negative impact of my post towards the Jewish community and I take responsibility. I do not believe everything said in the documentary was true or reflects my morals and principles. I am a human being learning from all walks of life and I intend to do so with an open mind and a willingness to listen. So from my family and I, we meant no harm to any one group, race or religion of people, and wish to only be a beacon of truth and light.”

Irving will donate $500,000 to anti-hate organizations, increasing to $1 million with the Nets matching his check.

Aside from the money, Irving and the Nets will work with the ADL to create educational programming to aid in the fight against antisemitism.

The controversy began last week when Kyrie promoted the movie, which reportedly attempts to uncover the true identity of the Children of Israel by adhering to the Black Hebrew Israelite movement, according to Rolling Stone. That movement lives by the notion that Black people are the true decedents of the ancient Israelites, with extremists saying Black people have been robbed of their identity and that Jews are responsible for slavery.

Nets owner Joe Tsai and the organization immediately condemned Irving for his tweet and released statements opposing his views. However, it appears a suspension will not be part of Irving’s punishment.

Kyrie Irving Under Fire On Twitter For Promoting Anti-Semitic Film
Brooklyn Nets v Milwaukee Bucks
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