We Tried It: Charcoal Toothpaste


Rap has an obsession with dental health. Cardi B professed that she got a bag and fixed her teeth and would like all of you hoes to know it wasn’t cheap. Grills are a dime a dozen in the rap game, and even Drake got a diamond implanted into one of his front teeth. But for the average person, it seems activated charcoal toothpaste is the wave now— Instagram ads are full of weaves, flat tummy tea that your favorite IG model can’t get enough of, those teeth whitener things, and charcoal toothpaste.

But before we can dive into Cory and Sherrod’s oral health, let’s all give it up to Sherrod, whose attempt at getting a ’fit off wasn’t too lost in translation. He’s rocking a light denim jacket with half the collar popped and a bandana tied around his head in a way that would make any Juelz Santana fan shudder. We would make fun of the Jordans he laced up, but we know how hard it is to get sneakers in toddler sizes. Do your thing, Sherrod.

But now, on to the toothpaste. After finally getting enough of the oddly dark toothpaste on his toothbrush, Cory gets to brushing and Sherrod times him by attempting to rap the alphabet. After rinsing, Cory admits that it feels like he just got back from the dentist and even asks Sherrod to smell his breath to prove it. Sherrod would try it, too, but his veneers are made of cotton. Though Cory likes it, they still decide to destroy it for the f*ck of it. After all, who would turn down the chance to destroy dirty water and a container of toothpaste in a blender?

Cory even offers Sherrod $100 to taste the disgusting concoction, but you’ll have to watch the video up top to see if he takes him up on the offer.

We Tried It Charcoal Toothpaste

Source: iOne Video / iOne Video

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