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Meek Mill At Drai's Beach Club - Nightclub In Las Vegas

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Fresh from his incarceration, Meek Mill enjoyed watching his beloved Philadelphia 76ers take on the Boston Celtics in the NBA’s Eastern Conference Semifinals.

The Ben Simmons- and Joel Embiid-led squad ultimately fell victim to a gentleman’s sweep, as the Celtics look to take on the King that is LeBron James. But Meek attended game three at the TD Arena in Boston and provided us with one of the oddest moments of the series.

At one point, the camera panned to where he was sitting, and he was chatting with fellow rapper Gucci Mane with a confused looking Robert Kraft stuck in the middle. People were immediately wondering what the hell the three could possibly be talking about.

With the series now over, Meek finally spoke to Sports Illustrated about their conversation.

“I was telling Gucci, ‘Robert a real dude, man.’ Seriously, he came to visit me in jail, he spoke out for me. He has a lot of influence. I’m like, ‘He’s a real dude.’ … [Robert Kraft] was saying how nice of a guy Gucci was and Gucci came over, and I was telling Gucci I respect Kraft,” he explained.

And the respect goes both ways. Two weeks before Meek’s release, Kraft raised eyebrows when he visited Meek in prison and described him as an “amazing young man.” The two had met before, as the rapper performed at the Patriots’ Super Bowl party last year.

During his interview with SI, Meek also shouted out the man who’ll probably take home this year’s MVP trophy, James Harden. He said that while he was locked up, Harden called three or four times a week to check up on him.