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Lil Wayne Announces the fourth annual Lil Weezyana Fest

The new trend of rappers putting on their own festivals to give their hometowns a taste of their musical taste is catching on and Lil Wayne was one of the first. Thankfully, the Louisiana rapper has announced that he’ll be following up last year’s Lil Weezyana festival with the show’s fourth installment. Weezy announced this year’s gathering by revealing the flyer on his Instagram. While he hasn’t announced any of the guests yet, we do know that as the headliner, Wayne will be celebrating the 10 year anniversary of Tha Carter III. All we ask is that Bobby Valentino joins him to perform “Mrs. Officer” on stage.


Meek Mill Talks Nicki Minaj, Jay-Z Paying His Legal Fees & His Relationship With Drake

Meek Mill’s been continuing his post-prison press tour and after revealing the story behind his hilarious courtside run-in with Gucci Mane and Robert Kraft, he hit up the Power 105’s “Breakfast Club.” In the lengthy interview, he opened up about ex-girlfriend Nicki Minaj siding with his allegedly dirty judge. He also revealed that Jay-Z was responsible for paying for his legal fees that added up to millions of dollars. Plus, despite having beef with Drake in the past, he’s ready to put it past him, saying, “I ain’t talk to him yet. I seen him on FaceTime the other day…It was good energy. He put good energy in the air. What happened, happened.”


Ryan Coogler Says He Would Make a Female ‘Black Panther’ Spinoff

During his recent talk at Cannes Film Festival on Thursday afternoon, Coogler delved into his belief that the women of Wakanda were “more important” than the men. He talked about the part of the film when T’Challa had died and the movie follows the women, a section that he labels his favorite part of the movie.

When he was asked about doing a spinoff of the ladies, Coogler was excited about the possibility.

“Oh man,” he said. “That would be amazing if the opportunity came up. They did it in the comic-book version.”

You can read the rest of the commentary here.  


‘Rick and Morty’ Gets A Renewal at Adult Swim

Adult Swim’s hit show just got a massive renewal with a 70-episode order. The series, which follows a mad scientist dragging his overly-anxious grandson across the multiverse, has been a huge success for the network and has secured a new long-term deal.

No word yet on when the new episodes will premiere, but if we’re judging based on past experience, it could be 1-2 years. While it could be a minute before we get a peak, we already know it’s well worth the wait.

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