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Charles Barkley Calls Kevin Durant Insecure, KD Claps Back

Source: Mike Stobe / Getty / Kevin Durant

There is no love lost between Brooklyn Nets superstar Kevin Durant and Hall of Famer Charles Barkley. 

Following a Nets win Friday night, December 2, Kevin Durant and his Twitter fingers had time for the legendary NBA on TNT analyst. Durant responded to a clip of Barkley speaking with Bleacher Report’s Taylor Rooks.

The round mound of rebound revisited the criticism of Kevin Durant joining a Golden State Warriors team fresh off a 73-win season but couldn’t punctuate with a championship because of the Cleveland Cavaliers’ legendary comeback after being down 3-1.

Once Durant made his way to The Bay, the Warriors returned to their championship-winning ways, easily winning two NBA titles.

Barkley and other former players feel Durant was “ring chasing,” with many calling his decision to go to Golden State one of the “softest” moves in the history of the NBA. He even had something to say about Durants antics on social media.

Charles Barkley Thinks Kevin Durant Has To Stop Reacting

“I actually like Kevin. I think he’s a great player,’ Barkley begins. “I think he’s actually a good dude — I think he’s insecure at times. You know, he gets mad when the old guys like myself say that he’s gotta win a championship outside of the Golden State Warriors.”

He continues, “and I know he got offended by that, but that’s not my job to worry about people’s feelings.”

Rooks pushes back on Barkley’s assertion that Durant is “insecure” by asking the former pro what “data” he has to back that up.

“Taylor, there’s levels to this. You don’t have to react to every fool. When I talk about insecurities, like yo man everybody’s opinion doesn’t matter, you don’t need burner phones. You’re Kevin Durant. You can say whatever the hell you want to. You don’t have to react to every single thing,” he continued.

Kevin Durant Didn’t Use A Burner Account To Respond

As expected, Durant was not just going to sit back and say nothing. In a quote retweet of the clip, Easy Money Sniper didn’t mince words responding to Barkley.

“This clown does not have g14 classification to speak on the god, we’ve never had a real human interaction,’ Durant wrote. ‘carry on haaaa.”

Fans said Durant proved Barkley’s point by responding to the clip. As expected, KD had more to say.

“I think it’s insecurity when u go on tv trying to take shots at my character as a man. But shit, I’m an ignorant jock, what do I know..,” he said in response to a fan.

These two will never get along, but Durant is not the only person who has felt a way about Barkley’s penchant for saying what he feels and keeping it real with NBA players past and present.

Barkley’s former best friend, Michael Jordan, no longer talks to him after he criticized his decision-making as the owner of Charlotte Hornets, another topic Barkley got candid about during his conversation with Rooks.

We hope Durant and Barkley can hash their differences out soon.

Photo: Mike Stobe / Getty