The NBA season is underway, and the NBA on TNT squad got a chance to chop it up with Commissioner Adam Silver to address some important issues. Charles Barkley got straight to the point, avoiding topics like the new in-season tournament or load management and approached the more severe topic of the league’s issue with […]

The NBA season may be over, but Charles Barkley is still offering opinions that rub people the wrong way. This time, Chuck was at a Lake Tahoe bar over the weekend, defending Bud Light against homophobes and transphobes. The beer had received an onslaught of hate since transgender influencer Dylan Mulvaney starred in an Instagram […]

Charles Barkley’s putting his money where his mouth is to ensure his alma mater enrolls more people of color. The TNT Inside The NBA analyst announced that his will includes a $5 million donation to Auburn University. Barkley says the Supreme Court declaring race can no longer be a factor in college admissions influenced the […]

Draymond Green was not here for people making fun of Anthony Davis' suffering a head injury.

The weekly primetime show, 'King Charles,' will be airing Wednesdays, beginning in the fall, and initially run through 2024.

The ongoing feud between Charles Barkley and Kevin Durant just got even more heated. Barkley appeared on Sunday night’s episode of '60 Minutes.'

Charles Barkley Speaks On New $200M "Life-Altering Deal" With TNT

Charles Barkley is back in the news (once again) for sharing his opinion. Only this time, it’s not a wild sports take about the NBA stars of today, it’s an encouraging message about homophobia. “I want to say this. If you’re gay or transgender, I love you. And if anyone gives you any sh-t, tell […]

This marks the sixth time Barkley's donated to an HBCU.