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Source: VALERIE MACON / Getty

Rihanna and A$AP Rocky have finally given the world a look at their son.

Back in May, the superstar couple gave birth to their son and have remained quiet about the child until now. Rihanna went to Jason Lee with exclusive photos because she was aware that the paparazzi had unauthorized shots of the kid but wanted to be in control of his reveal.

“Yesterday she FaceTimed me to tell me that paparazzi took unauthorized photos of their baby and planned to release them. So she said if anyone was going to put it out she wanted me to,” Lee explained. “She wanted BLACK MEDIA to be the one to do it since she wasn’t going to be given the choice.”

The first photo shows Rih’s son –whose name still hasn’t been revealed– hanging out as he peers into the camera.

Rihanna then upped the ante by releasing a video of the baby while strapped into a car seat as he smiled and made faces while Rihanna coaxed him on. It marked the first post on her TikTok, which she captioned “Hacked.”

Those paparazzi shots that Rihanna may have been alluding to were published on TMZ this morning, showing the family getting professional photos taken last week.

“The couple was on hand for a photo shoot Friday afternoon in Malibu, where they were wearing matching black outfits and cozied up next to the shore with a camera crew and production team on standby. Of course, there was one other guest … their 7-month-old son,” writes TMZ.

Rocky was interviewed for Dazed magazine’s Summer 2022 issue, and he spoke about how he hopes to bring up his newborn son with Rihanna.

“I will always remind my children to never lose their imagination, even as adults, no matter what. I actually love to watch cartoons – I’ve watched like Teletubbies, Blue’s Clues, Yo Gabba Gabba, Peppa Pig and Baby Shark. I hope to raise open-minded children. Not people who discriminate,” Rocky said of his offspring. “And I’m not trying to describe a saint, but realistically, I just want a cool child with cool parents.”