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Tom Brady and Snoop Dogg are legends in in their respective fields of sports and music, and those forces of entertainment came together for a recent podcast hosted by veteran sportscaster Jim Gray.

The two appeared together on Let’s Go on Sirius where they chopped it up about the World Cup, the crazy Raiders/Patriots finish and the Vikings comeback vs. the Indianapolis Colts, life philosophies, mentoring and more.

Brady was philosophical about the recent run of losses Tampa Bay experienced. The team has lost eight games, more than Brady has lost in any one of his 23 seasons. He says that you have to handle losing the same way you handle winning.

“And it’s interesting because you would think, oh, well, why is he still playing? Because all you want to do is win, and that’s all sports should be about is winning. And I agree it should be about winning, but it’s also, I’m looking at it like, no, what am I learning? What am I learning from putting a similar amount of energy in over the last couple years and not winning?

What is that teaching me? You know, why should we feel like we’re just entitled to win all the time? We’re not. That’s not what life’s about. And I think anyone who’s gone through life and struggles at their job or struggles in other aspects of life when you do put effort and energy into it, you know, what are you learning from that as opposed to, you know, why is that happening to you and for you?

You’re not a victim of that. We’re not a victim of losing games. The sun came up today. We’ve got something to do about it. We woke up, we have a chance. This is not the time to feel sorry for yourself. So get up, go into work and make it better, and improve it and work harder and work more determined.”

Brady and Snoop, who once created a football league in L.A. and coached his son’s team, agree that sports bring people joy, and more than that, it’s the rare place where people can unite despite political philosophies or racial or social backgrounds.

“[Sports] brings people together,” Snoop said. “It gives you heartbreak, it gives you excitement, it gives you hope, it gives you people to root for, it gives you legends. Sports is the melting pot to bringing the whole world together,” he said.

Snoop should know, as he and Kevin Hart hosted a hilarious recap of each night of the Tokyo Olympics, even when they admittedly didn’t always know the details of some of the more obscure sports. Snoop says that proves that sports are universal.

“If you notice when that World Cup was on, even if you wasn’t rooting for a player, you were just happy to see that this was something that could bring the world together, Snoop added. “It’s a dominant sport that the whole world could be engaged in.”

Brady agreed and talked about how much he enjoys sports, even as a spectator.

“It’s nice to see joyful things bring people together,” he said. “The World Cup, the Olympics. In America, our sports bring people together. It’s great to see everyone feels a part of it. It’s live, it’s in the moment…every emotion! I was watching that Raider game yesterday and I saw that last play. It’s so bad and then, it’s so good. Where else do things like that happen? And I’ve been on the winning end of those. Man, I go crazy. You don’t even know how to feel, or what to feel. It’s really s—y and then it’s really unbelievable and that’s what you’re always hoping for as a spectator and certainly as a player.”

If Brady can be considered an expert and master of his sport, Snoop is one of the world’s foremost proponents of marijuana. Brady asked him the highest he’s ever been.

“With Willie F-cking Nelson,” Snoop said, to laughter. “We was in Amsterdam on 4/20 and he was doing a concert out there. He performed on the 19th and I performed on the 20th. So we went back to his hotel room and we was playing dominoes. Willie had a vape, a joint, I had a blunt, and he had a pipe. Me and him were playing dominoes one-on-one, he’s whooping my ass and I’m just getting higher and higher and higher. And he just keep passing it to me and I’m like, this old motherf-ckers out smoking me and I’m trying to stop, but I can’t ‘cause I don’t wanna show no signs of weakness!”

Beyond the Nelson revelation, one of the most interesting facts that came out of the podcast was that two of the world’s most famous people have never met two of the world’s other most famous people.

Snoop revealed that he’s never met NBA icon Michael Jordan. And Brady has never met soccer legend Lionel Messi.

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