Detroit Tigers v Boston Red Sox

Source: Adam Glanzman / Getty

Major League Baseball (MLB) is sending a special message of acceptance and inclusion for this year’s pride month. The organization is hosting 23 pride nights across the nation. That’s a significant increase from last year when it had just 12.

While LGBTQ+ themed sporting events used to be considered political statements that occasionally drew protests, the increase of nationwide acceptance is reflected in how successful these outings have been.

In addition to the pride nights, 10 MLB teams will also give away rainbow hats to all in attendance. The Blue Jays, Braves, Cubs, Diamondbacks, Orioles, Padres, Pirates, Rays, Reds and Twins are the participating teams. The Brewers, Cardinals an Dodgers will have shirts with a rainbow theme, the Athletics and Mariners have wearable pride flags, and the Giants have a backpack. The other seven teams with pride nights haven’t yet announced giveaways.

Check out the schedule and links to where you can buy tickets below.

San Diego Padres: Friday, April 27 vs. New York Mets

Colorado Rockies: Friday, June 1 vs. Los Angeles Dodgers

Washington Nationals: Tuesday, June 5 vs. Tampa Bay

Boston Red Sox: Thursday, June 7 vs. Detroit

Cincinnati Reds: Friday, June 8 vs. St. Louis

Los Angeles Dodgers: Friday, June 8 vs. Atlanta

Oakland Athletics: Friday, June 8 vs. Kansas City

Tampa Bay Rays: Friday, June 8 vs. Seattle

Toronto Blue Jays: Friday, June 8 vs. Baltimore

Chicago Cubs (Pride Day): Sunday, June 10 vs. Pittsburgh

Seattle Mariners: Saturday, June 16 vs. Boston

Milwaukee Brewers: Thursday, June 21 vs. St. Louis

San Francisco Giants: Thursday, June 21 vs. San Diego

Atlanta Braves: Friday, June 22 vs. Baltimore

Baltimore Orioles: Wednesday, June 27 vs. Seattle

Philadelphia Phillies: Thursday, June 28 vs. Washington

Arizona Diamondbacks: Friday, June 29 vs. San Francisco

Pittsburgh Pirates: Sunday, July 8 vs. Philadelphia

Minnesota Twins: Monday, July 9 vs. Kansas City

New York Mets: Saturday, August 4 vs. Atlanta

St. Louis Cardinals: Friday, August 17 vs. Milwaukee

Chicago Cubs (Out):  Sunday, August 26 vs. Cincinnati

Kansas City Royals: TBA