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Masturbation isn’t just for men. Women can use the act as well to satiate their sexual needs, improve mind to body connection and give themselves a mental and physical reset. It also helps them maintain a healthy libido. Women should definitely be touching themselves. And, if you’re dating or partnered up, encourage your lady to explore her body.

Need more convincing? Whether you’re a woman who’s apprehensive about self-pleasure or a man who wants to encourage his woman, here are more reasons the female mind and body benefit from self-touch.

1 Improves Connection With Self

The best way for a woman to connect with her sexual energy and autonomy is to practice self-pleasure.  Take time to play with the clit within its hood and the lips. Discover every area of the vulva, and how it brings about a different sensation. Connect with her yoni by using fingers to feel around inside. Don’t forget to use clitoral vibrators or realist dildo.

2 Identifies Sweet Spots

When a woman plays with herself more, she will be able to locate the sweet spots of her vulva that bring her extreme pleasure whenever stroked. Being aware of the sensitive parts between her legs helps her to guide partners in finding those spots during intercourse. The more a woman is in tune with those hot spots, the easier it will be for her to experience an orgasm with her mate.

3 Improves Sexual Experiences

Women have been conditioned to believe that it’s not ladylike to touch themselves. Essentially, women are programmed not to seek out their own pleasure. The more women engage in masturbation, the more they debunk these notions and learn how to connect with their bodies and pleasure, without shame.

4Creates Unlimited Orgasms

Unlike men who have a recovery time after ejaculating before they can experience another orgasm, women can have multiple orgasms back to back without needing recovering. The female orgasm actually helps women power up instead of draining them of energy. The clitoris has only one function: to provide pleasure, and that’s a trait every woman definitely needs to take advantage of.

5 Improves Overall Mood

Studies have shown that orgasms can improve overall mood thanks to the chemical cocktail of dopamine, serotonin, endorphins, and oxytocin released into the body at the point of climax. Women who are invested in maintaining an elevated and happy disposition should masturbate regularly.