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Serge Ibaka Checks Former Thunder Teammate Kendrick Perkins

Source: Ronald Martinez / Getty / Serge Ibaka / Kendrick Perkins

The drip god, Serge Ibaka, had time for his former Oklahoma City Thunder teammate, Kendrick Perkins

Serge Ibaka checked Kendrick Perkins in a series of tweets on Monday after the retired hooper, now ESPN NBA analyst, implied Ibaka was lying about his age.

Ibaka’s response to Perkins was in response to a now-deleted video of an ESPN First Take segment with Perkins talking about his time with the Boston Celtics and Oklahoma City Thunder before pointing out that the Thunder made it to the 2012 NBA Finals with a younger squad.

“You know what everybody kept saying, oh, Kevin Durant is only 23 years of age, Russell Westbrook is only 22, James Harden is 22, Serge Ibaka is 21, although he was probably 30 at the time because we already know how certain individuals lie about their age. We’re not about to get into that,” Perkins said.

In response, Ibaka found Perkins’ comment to be “disrespectful to me, and I feel like it is disrespectful to many Africans who have to live with that unfounded accusation.”

Ibaka even got a bit personal in another tweet, adding, “Although I am disappointed, I am not surprised to see these actions from someone who got his job by breaking the locker room code and by spreading lies about two of his former teammates and brothers like KD and Russ.”

Kendrick Perkins Did Apologize, But Also Clapped Back At Perkins

Perkins did apologize, saying, “It’s was a joke! My bad if it made you feel some type of way!!! My apologies my brother.” But he did address the jab Ibaka threw at him.

Did you say spreading lies at @sergeibaka? Please don’t get me started homie!!!! Please don’t. I’m not about to talk about those OKC days and what you were doing in that locker room. I will not… but you definitely need to stop because you know I KNOW!!!! Carry on tho…”

It sounds like they need to dap it up and hug it out.

See how Twitter’s reacting to the beef below:

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