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Sex by Location

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With the temperatures rising, you and bae might find yourself outdoors a lot more often. Chilling in the park is the ultimate cheapie date because it allows you to talk, chill or engage in a little adult playtime. So what happens when your IG-worthy picnic starts turning into an X-rated Pornhub amateur shoot? Don’t sweat it, bruh. Team CASSIUS got you covered.

Here’s how to get in on at the park without getting caught.

Move Off the Beaten Path

When skin starts to touch it’s time to press pause and do a quick assessment of your location. Are you in a place that’s in the cut? Ideally, your spot is out of view from any walking paths and not in a general area—meaning out of earshot and plain sight— that’s buzzing with foot traffic. If that isn’t the case, it’s time to relocate. Your due diligence is gonna ensure you don’t have any retirees, joggers, or toddlers running up on you when you’re trying to get your suck on.

Leave Your Nice Kicks at Home

We get it: you want to look good for your boo and stunt on everyone when y’all go out. Trust us when we tell you this ain’t the time. Sure, you might have a couple of blankets to serve as protection between you and the wilderness. But once shorty hits you with that good good, you know dirt, leaves, and anything else on the ground is gonna go flying. And that’s how you get grass stains on your brand new white-on-white outfit.

Wear Action-Friendly Attire

When it comes to selecting your clothes for the day, consider this: the easier it was to put an item on, the easier it will be to take it off…or pull it up or down. That means nix the skinny jeans and rompers, and opt for joggers or sundresses—basically anything that offers easy access.

Come Through With Food For Extra Fun 

If you’re trying to get really messy, picnic food is low-key the sexiest stuff to have fun with — just ask Auntie Angel. Keep it sexy and sweet by layering some fruit salad over your partner’s body or try some new and interesting tricks with a fruit roll up. Worried about a quick clean up? Nothing a baby wipe can’t fix.