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Ed Reed is officially out as the football coach of Bethune-Cookman University. The news comes a week after the retired Super Bowl champion launched an expletive-filled rant criticizing the nearly 120-year-old HBCU for its approach to administration, funding, and more.

Reed met with players, parents, and recruits of the school on Saturday for them to hear what went down directly from him. “Yeah, I cursed. And y’all done heard curse words before, and they got parents in here. You know I don’t want to leave… But they got some corrupt people in this world and some evil people that don’t care about kids like I do,” he stated.

Reed then went on to say the following: “I ain’t withdrawing my name — I got the receipts. They got all kinds of stuff going on around here!”

Less than one month ago, Bethune-Cookman University agreed to make the NFL Hall of Famer the head of its football team in principle. But Reed insinuated the institution rescinded its offer because he openly called them out. So he aired his weekend speech via Instagram Live, and Deion Sanders himself jumped on to lend his support to Reed, too.

“We talked about this, we know the structure, we know the order, we knew how it was gonna play out, and you’ve been there fighting,” the former Jackson State football coach told Reed. “I know what you’re feeling, I know what you’re going through. You’ve got to understand, Ed, God has a time and a place for you, my brother.”

“I know you like a book, and I know how you feel about them kids,” he additionally told Reed. “And I know you don’t want to leave those kids.” And Sanders’ Monday morning post to social media has people thinking Reed might become the newest addition to the University of Colorado coaching staff in the end.

See how Twitter felt about Reed’s rant about Bethune-Cookman below

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