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Lynette Hardaway aka Diamond, of the MAGA mammy duo, Diamond & Silk, died earlier this month and, on Monday, the cause of her death was revealed. Diamond was rumored to have died of COVID-19, as that would be the most ironic thing since she, along with her sister, was a fierce spreader of anti-vax and COVID misinformation. And, of course, her sister, Rochelle “Silk” Richardson, disappointed the ancestors by using Diamond’s memorial service as an opportunity to suggest her sister was internationally killed via a vaccine. (She also allowed her sister’s funeral to devolve into a yuge Trump rally, which makes it hilarious that, during the funeral, Donald Trump revealed that he “didn’t know Silk at all,” despite her being such a dedicated Trump cultist.)

Welp, it turns out Diamond’s death was neither directly COVID-related nor was it a result of wild animals dying from poisonous vaccine sterility (or whatever the hell Silk was talking about). According to a death certificate obtained by the Associated Press, Hardaway died of heart disease due to chronic high blood pressure, which still makes it pretty unbelievable that the 51-year-old died “suddenly” and out of nowhere the way her sister described.

From AP:

The cause of Hardaway’s death, which was not released by the family, had become a topic of widespread speculation. A torrent of social media users suggested COVID-19 was to blame.

Many of the posts were based on an unsourced, and since-deleted, online report from November that claimed Hardaway had been hospitalized with COVID-19. Both Diamond and Silk vehemently denied that the virus had put Hardaway in the hospital.

COVID-19 was not listed as a cause or contributing factor on her death certificate, which was provided to the AP by the Hoke County Register of Deeds and was signed by a local doctor. No autopsy was performed.

At the memorial, Richardson mentioned people “dying suddenly,” a reference that has become shorthand among some anti-vaccine activists for deaths they say were caused by COVID-19 shots, despite studies showing the vaccines are safe and effective.

So, basically, misinformation was spread about the death of a woman who spent her life spreading misinformation—but that didn’t dissuade her misinformation-spreading sister from spreading more misinformation at the funeral.

You really can’t make this sh-t up!