We Tried It: Bud Light Orange


Summer calls for two things: silky durags and some fruity beer.

Sherrod lacks the former, so Cory not only educates him on the importance of a durag’s material but also promises to cop him one the next time he goes to the beauty supply store. And for the latter, there are plenty of options. You can hit up your favorite hipster bar for a rare IPA or something a little less hoppy, but both are pretty pretentious.

Or you can just head to your local convenience store and try Bud Light’s new orange flavor. The lime flavor has been the wave for a couple summers, but now it might be time to switch it up. Cory appears to have already downed a six-pack or two as he knocks over a beer before handing it to Sherrod. Sherrod claims he’s old enough to drink, but him drinking out of a straw makes us extra suspicious. Sherrod isn’t feeling it, but it does remind them both of an orange cider you’d typically spot at an early fall BBQ.

But destroying things as grown men is still way much more fun than it should be, so Cory threw on a makeshift poncho and got to work. Glass and hammers don’t mix, but they risked their corneas for you guys.

We Tried It Bud Light Orange

Source: iOne Video / iOne Video