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Jay- Z‘s got friends in high places and not just in the music industry.

The Brooklyn-born rapper is the reason behind Damson Idris being able to work in the USA and star in the hit FX show Snowfall.

The Brit shared the story behind Hov being a reference for his green card application while being interviewed for Complex’s March 2023 digital cover.

Idris revealed that he had to ask Jay for the favor, and it likely isn’t the first time he’s helped out people in the culture behind the scenes.

“He didn’t offer that up! I had to ask,” he said. “But he’s done many things for me over the years, he’s always supported me. He supports everyone. He supports so many people that you don’t even know.”

The Franklin Saint actor wouldn’t get too detailed about how Hov helped him legally live and work in the states but named some other heavy hitters that played a role in him getting the huge opportunity.

“I won’t tell you how it happened ’cause there’s a couple more favors that I’m gonna need in the future, but yeah, he hooked me up with that,” Idris said. “Rich Paul did too. Tommy Schlamme, Eric Schrier — a bunch [of] people hooked me up. They’re people who just believe in me, believe this journey that I’m on, and I’m gonna repay the favor to the people coming behind me, too.”

It turns out Hov isn’t the only one that’s a fan of Idris’ work, as he said some of the biggest people to compliment him on Snowfall have been rolling stone’s Mick Jagger and Samuel L. Jackson.

Idris also spoke about his relationship with Lori Harvey while still keeping his private life very private.

“With my private life today, with my relationship today, uh, it’s great. Life is great and I’m just moving forward,” he said.

Here’s how Twitter reacted when the two began dating:

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