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Mourners Leave Flowers At Anthony Bourdain's Former Restaurant, After His Suicide Death

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Xi’an Famous Foods Raised over $73K for Suicide Prevention in Honor of Anthony Bourdain.

As Eater NY notes, the mini-chain—which expanded to 12 locations throughout NYC from a single stall in Flushing, Queens—gained popularity following Bourdain’s co-sign on his travel show No Reservations. Co-owner Jason Wang tells the outlet that sales doubled on Friday in support of the fundraising effort.

“I’ve received thank you’s from Tony’s fans and our guests alike, and as much as I appreciate their words, ultimately this is a tribute of thanks to our friend Tony who made it possible for us to achieve this at all,” Wang told Eater NY in an email. “It is moving to see the amount of support people have shown, and it sure shows how many people loved Tony and how many of our fans found their way to us through Tony’s recommendation.”

Read his statement regarding Bourdain’s death here.

Could Kevin Durant Retire in 5 Years?

The Finals MVP told ESPN in a recent interview that it’s possible.

“This game, your craft, you have to continue studying it,” he said. “No matter how much you enjoy it, nobody wants to be in school that long. I know I don’t. At some point, you have to be ready to graduate. Thirty-five, that’s just a number in my mind.”

Looks like that four-year deal he’s slated to sign in July could very well be his last.

Why Did These Male Models Walk the Runway with Fake Pregnant Bellies?

“It’s my vision of the future,” designer Xander Zhou told WWD of his Spring 2019 show, during which he envisions a future with no gendered boundaries between men and women. “I wasn’t designing based on fashion elements, that’s not the right world for me. Instead I tried to create the collection as a movie, a story of my own and build each model as a character.”

Models were also seen rocking prosthetic arms and brightly hued contact lenses.

“If you want to go futuristic, it’s quite easy to go extreme, with lots of metallic and all those clichés. It’s more challenging to create something wearable with small futuristic details,” Zhou added. “I put a lot of alien characters in really regular outfits and I think the contrast makes them even more alien.”

We Bet Fans Were Piiiiiissed When The Migos Canceled Their Breakout Festival Performance Literally Minutes Before Taking the Stage. 🙃

Areason has yet to be given for the cancellation...  but the festival did share a message on Migos’ behalf via Instagram with a caption:

“From Migos ‘We love Vancouver and really wanted to make it to BREAKOUT Festival tonight. We hope you continue to support this festival. We’ll make it up to y’all soon.’”

Lil Pump reportedly performed in the group’s place.

Kim Jong Un Committed to Denuclearization, So We May Have Another Few Years to Live.

But who really knows, because the terms of his commitment are vague. “Many experts warned ahead of the historic summit between Kim and U.S. President Donald Trump that North Korea likely has a different understanding of what denuclearization entails,” CNBC says.

For us, it means North Korea is dropping nuclear weapons, but Pyongyang may only agree to said denuclearization under “certain conditions…” which may include ending the American military presence in South Korea, among other possibilities.

Read more.

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