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Travel Noire is more than a trend, it’s a new outlook that recognizes the importance of investing in a global life experience, which is cool. But here’s what’s often not said: Flying around the world and capturing on IG is great, but spending all of your cash to do it isn’t the move. Money—and more specifically, how to save and maximize it—should always be on the mind. That’s why NerdWallet’s recent tip sheet on how to make the most of air miles rewards programs has some gems we can all appreciate. Here are the highlights.

Change How You Eat

Let all the takeout and happy hours you partake in do double duty. Many airlines have partnerships with restaurants and bars, and the process is pretty simple. You register your card with the airline and receive dining points that convert to air miles each time you swipe.

Change Where You Stay

Yes, it’s great to try boutique hotels when you travel, but if you want your money to go farther, find a place that is affiliated with your airline, so you can earn points. You can also use a credit card that earns miles. If you have a trustworthy travel crew, consider using your card to cover all the hotel charges and split the charges later.

Change What You Do With Your Downtime

Airlines often give incentives for helping them with customer service. This may mean participating in a survey or volunteering to take another flight due to overbooking. You’re definitely giving up a little of your free time, but that will be the last thing on your mind when you’re getting upgraded to first class because of all the points you’ve stacked.

Change How You Rep the Brand

There are a lot of great side hustles, but few guarantee a vacation. Airlines value customer loyalty so much that most reward them for being team players. Find out whether your favorite flier has perks for branding support, such as customer referrals and social media posts. Your efforts will go a long way for the brand—and your pockets.

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