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There are simply some messages, histories, and opinions that cannot be put into words — and that is why we create. Visual art has the power to evoke indescribable emotions from an audience, a reaction so visceral that cannot be quantified.

These LGBTQ+ artists create as a form of storytelling, visibility, and most importantly, resistance. Check them out below.

Julio Salgado

Salgado is “an undocumented, queer artivist” who uses his passion for visual art to depict key individuals and moments of the DREAM act and migrant rights movement. He is also the co-founder of Dreamers Adrift, a media platform led by undocumented creatives with the goal of reclaiming the narrative of their stories through videos, art, music, spoken word, and poetry.

Johanna Toruño

This Salvi makes the streets of New York City (and anywhere else she travels) her gallery space, knowing that communities of color don’t always have access to museums or even the internet. She merges poetry with street art, an act of resistance bringing inspiring messages to the concrete and empowering communities of color.

Jonah Welch

This trans/non-binary visual artist is focused on creating work that promotes the spiritual uplift of the trans community, focusing on topics such as embodiment, place, marginalization, dysphoria, mental health, and more. They are also the Director of Photography for We Are Transilient, a photo-journalism project that documents transgender people across the United States.

Jen Bartel

Bartel is a queer illustrator and comic artist who specializes in creating comics featuring strong women. She’s done work for major clients such as Marvel, DC/Vertigo, Archie Comics, Netflix, Disney and Dark Horse.

Mikael Owunna

Owunna works on creating pieces that focus on questions of freedom and identity. He has received tons of praise for his series Limit(less), a documentary photography project on LGBTQ+ African Immigrants.