Lin-Manuel Miranda

Source: The Washington Post / Getty

It’s a fact that Lin-Manuel Miranda’s hip-hop knowledge is nearly unmatched. He proved it with the Hamilton musical, but a new collaboration with two of the greats boosts his cred.

Miranda has been steadily releasing new tracks every month in support of his #HamilDrops project, and the latest single features a previously unreleased Mobb Deep song titled “Boom Goes the Cannon.” The song arrives almost a year after Prodigy’s death, and when Miranda tweeted the song, it was accompanied by a message reading, “Rest in peace, Prodigy. Thank you, Havoc.” His love for the group is well-documented; Miranda even included a Prodigy lyric in Hamilton.

“I paid homage to Mobb Deep in Hamilton by having Alexander Hamilton quote one of Prodigy’s most immortal lyrics: ‘I’m only 19 but my mind is old…’ They are New York hip-hop legends,” Miranda shares in a statement. The Hamilton creator also mentioned how glad he was that the rap duo was able to see the musical at the Richard Rodgers Theater and it touched them so much that they decided to create a track.

As it’s one of the last records recorded with Prodigy, this song’s connection to Hamilton makes it that much more meaningful to Havoc.

“It was an honor being part of the Hamilton project, just on the strength alone I’m a huge fan of the musical; I am a history buff so it was right up my alley,” he explains.” This being one of the few last recordings I did with Prodigy holds a special place in my heart and always will when I hear the record.

Mobb Deep keeps things very Queensbridge on the song, which you can listen to below.