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Jim Jones Discusses Health on ‘Listen To Black Men’ Episode 2

Listen To Black Men Ep. 2

Source: iOne / Interactive One

The new iOne digital series Listen To Black Men returns with special guest Jim Jones to discuss health in the eyes of Black men.

The latest episode of Listen To Black Men tackles another highly important, too often glossed over topic—Black men and their health. Series hosts Mouse Jones, Tyler Chronicles, and Jeremie Rivers welcome veteran rapper and media personality Jim Jones to talk about his perspectives on working towards better health and how the community can change its mindset. The episode kicks off with the usual playful interaction as Jones challenges Tyler and Jeremie to knock out ten pushups right then and there.

When Jones arrives on the scene, Cap leads off with a question about how the “We Fly High” rapper got dedicated to his workout regimen. “I’ve been working out since high school. I chill with my brothers, every time they go back and forth to jail, they want me to come and do a pull-up bar, dips…they militant,” he says with a laugh. “They wake me up in the morning, like, ‘We gotta go work out’ He’d go on to speak about how his wife Chrissy helped him add more dimensions to his workouts.

The discussion delved into heavier topics, such as how Black people are treated by the healthcare system in the United States. Jeremie posed the question to the Diplomats member about going to the doctor. “S*** I ain’t gonna lie, man, I haven’t been to the doctor in a minute.” He added, “For the most part I encourage everybody to get insurance even if you don’t have insurance. I know it can be expensive but there are companies out there that provide everyone with free insurance.”

Tyler brought up how for some in the community, the first healthcare memory they have of healthcare is going to the hospital to see someone who was very sick or died. “You have pediatricians doing x,y,z for sure, but for many that first memory is seeing someone who passed away.” He said. Jones responded, “It is the same position that they’ve put us in as Black people anyway. I mean, we don’t have the knowledge or the access to information. From the jump, there’s a lot of things that we are lacking that I try to push forward and preach to the people.”

Catch the latest episode of Listen To Black Men by iONE Digital above.