Papoose Talks “The Friend Zone” On The Premiere of ‘Listen To Black Men’

Listen To Black Men - Ep. 1

Source: Interactive One / iOne Digital

Veteran rapper Papoose sits down with a panel of media personalities for a lively discussion on the premiere of Listen To Black Men, a new exclusive video series by CassiusLife.

The new video series puts the spotlight on Black men and what they truly think about a multitude of subjects. Listen To Black Men features thought-provoking commentary and a slew of laughter to go with it. The series is hosted by a panel of media personalities including podcast host Mouse Jones, actress and host Jessie Woo, Love & Hip-Hop alum Kiyanne, Wild N’Out comedian and writer Tyler Chronicles and actor Jeremie Rivers. The series debuts today (Friday (May 5), and will premiere new episodes weekly.

Appearing as a guest for the first episode titled “The Friend Zone,” Papoose sat down with the media personalities and dug deep into some interesting topics, beginning with a question Jessie Woo posed: “Can men and women be platonic friends?” Mouse replied, “As long as one is ugly,” which made the entire group crack up. Tyler Chronicles asked Rivers if his wife would allow him to have a platonic female friend that is fine, to which Rivers replied, “No.” He’d go on to say that it wouldn’t necessarily be something his wife would allow.

Kiyanne asked Tyler and Jeramie why “allow” was the term of choice used, suggesting that it was more about showing dominance, and Papoose interjected. “When you get married, you take wedding vows. He has to honor his queen. If she disagrees with something, he has to take her perspective into consideration going forward. He can’t just totally disregard her point of view.”

Another topic that the “Alphabet Slaughter” rapper gave his perspective and a comforting word or two on was “the friend zone” after Jessie Woo shared how she was turned down by a close male friend and how it felt. “I don’t want her to be discouraged, you weren’t ‘friend zoned.’ It’s okay.”

Mouse gave a rebuttal and touched upon the ego element when it comes to being turned down or placed in “the friend zone.”

“Our egos are fragile. Don’t hurt my feelings. All we’ve had in this world is our ego,” Mouse said. Papoose responded to him, “They say ego stands for ‘easing God out.’ We gotta be able to take rejection, man.”

Check out the first episode of Listen To Black Men above.