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The Coronation Of Their Majesties King Charles III And Queen Camilla - Windsor Castle Concert

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Legendary singer/songwriter and American Idol judge Lionel Richie performed at his friend Prince Charles’ concert last weekend, and critics were a little harsh on the 73-year-old icon. They said his voice sounded different (to be fair, he did sound as though he’s lost some resonance but could have also been technical issues in an outdoor venue of that size) and that his youthful-looking face must have been the work of a good plastic surgeon.

Well, Richie denies any surgery but he did say he and Charles joke about how youthful he appears as compared to Britain’s new monarch. Of course, the two are the same age.

“He says, ‘How do you look the way you look, and I look the way I look?’ and I say, ‘You come to Hollywood, and I can help you,’” Richie told the BBC in a pre-coronation interview.

Richie is the First Global Ambassador and First Chairman of the Global Ambassador Group for the Prince’s Trust (which must soon be changed to the King’s Trust?), which Richie says has helped a million underprivileged kids.

Despite his joke, he didn’t quite say he was going to those places, though, did he? When asked directly about plastic surgery by the British tabloid The Daily Mail, Richie laughed off the speculation.

“[Plastic surgery] locks you in for that year [while you recover] – and after that you can’t go naturally, you’re staying right there,” he said. “You try and go back to reset, and you can’t. ‘[And] that sh-t goes wrong!’”

Richie said his looks have come naturally due to his lifestyle.

“Water, sleep and sweat, not too much red meat,” he said at the Hollywood Beauty Awards, per the DM. “I know it’s real boring. [Sex] will work also, and it’s good for your heart.”

Per this article, where plastic surgery experts take a look at Richie over the years, he hasn’t changed all that much over time. Although, none of them directly work with him, they think he’s had some work but not to the extreme people may be thinking.

Richie’s been dating Swiss-Caribbean model Lisa Parigi for most of the last decade, and it doesn’t appear she has any complaints. She also runs an all-natural lifestyle brand, so there’s that. If you’re still skeptical, you can check out Richie and Parigi attending a coronation event, where you internet plastic surgery sleuths can see Richie in natural light and draw your own conclusions.