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As Kanye West is getting back to the bag with adidas, the Gap has a bone to pick with the creative.

The Gap is taking issue with West’s changes to a store rented in LA. The Gap holds the lease, but West used the property to help his Yeezy clothing line flourish.

However, Ye took it upon himself to reportedly make some major changes to the property –owned by Art City Center– and never reversed them when the lease was up.

“The alterations included erecting an exterior ramp in the east side parking lot; installing a tunnel in the lot; removing ceiling lights; building a wall; and nixing three bathrooms, according to the lawsuit,” reports the NY Post.

The lawsuit reveals that Ye never even got Gap to sign off on the changes, which made it even more costly for them to fix the construction work.

The paperwork alleges that “by making and not repairing or restoring the foregoing alterations of the premises that [West] made without Gap’s participation or approval, [West] breached the strategic agreement and directly and proximately caused Gap to incur expenses to repair and restore the premises.”

Since Ye made the changes, the Gap thinks he should be on the hook for the damages and wants an additional $2 million for its troubles.

West’s partnership with Gap was full of problematic moments that came to a head in September 2022 when the relationship ended because of his antisemitic remarks, with Gap citing that “Antisemitism, racism and hate in any form are inexcusable and not tolerated in accordance with our values.”

Even before the hate-fueled rants that saw him alienated, he caught heat for displaying his hoodies in trash bags at Gap stores, forcing consumers to rummage through them to find their size.

“Look, man I’m an innovator, and I’m not here to sit up and apologize about my ideas. That’s exactly what the media tries to make us do; make us apologize for any idea that doesn’t fall under exactly the way they want us to think,” Ye told FOX News at the time. “This is not a joke, not a game. This is not just some celebrity collaboration, this is my life. I’m fighting for a position to be able to change clothing and bring the best designers to the people.”

See how Twitter reacted to Kanye being petty and opening a Yeezy office near an adidas store.

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