Man Receiving a Massage

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It’s easy to get so focused on savings that you start to nix too many things from your budget. Self care is an essential part of thriving and living your best life. Having an emergency fund with six months or more of cash in the bank is tough but that’s you should be aiming for. And while it’s cool to sacrifice for short periods of time (think a year or so) to ensure you hit a certain goal, you don’t want to compromise your personal growth, health and/or family needs for too long for the love of money. But, it’s not always easy to make the call so here are some things you just can’t afford to let slide for too long.

1 Updating Your Wardrobe

Working professionals need a decent wardrobe, it impacts the way you feel and how you are perceived. While designer garb is a choice, upgrading the basics is not. Make sure you invest in updating your key pieces—suits, shoes, bags, etc…—based on what’s appropriate for your industry. Take inventory of what’s needed and make adjustments in your budget to make sure you’re not using a credit card. Above all else, you must always get fits off.

2 Going  On Vacation

You don’t have to travel the world to unwind and de-stress. Figure out what’s most important to you—sun and beach, people watching and exploring, or rest and relaxation—and figure out places that offer what you need on a budget. Cheap vacations require early booking to get the best prices for hotel and flights. Plan your vacations at least three months ahead to ensure you save a nice amount of cash.

3 Indulging In A Massage

Deep tissue body rubs and sauna treatments aren’t just a good way to unwind, they also have health benefits, ranging from pushing toxins out of the system to soothing muscle aches and pains. Integrating quarterly appointments into your health regimen are a must. Discount sites like Groupon offer competitive rates for both treatments.

4 Family Get Togethers and Reunions

Holiday meet-ups, seasonal parties and family reunions are things you simply don’t want to get into the habit of missing.  For some, these are the only opportunities to spend quality time with loved ones. It doesn’t have to be an all or nothing, plan to attend what makes the most sense. You know the holidays are in November and December— so buy your ticket in the spring. Consider downgrading your travel for events that are short distances. Maybe driving solo or carpooling is cheaper than a flight? The short-term sacrifice will be worth it.

5 Gym Access

Health is wealth. You know whether you’re the kind of person who makes good use of an expensive membership, paying as you go or a cheap local facility. Pick whatever really works best for you. Regular exercise beats back stress, burns calories and is proven to ward off many diseases. You’re worth the investment.