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Udonis Haslem ensures that not all Floridians stand with Governor Ron DeSantis.

The Miami Heat legend spoke to the Boston Globe ahead of Game 2 of the NBA Finals, where he explained to everyone that while DeSantis holds power, it’s essential to know that plenty of people residing in the sunshine state have extremely different beliefs.

“Well first and foremost I’m going to ask people out there to stop Florida-shaming us. Everybody ain’t down with what’s going on in Florida. People think that because you live in Florida, like you just down with the [expletive]. We’re not. I’m not down with it. I’m not happy about it,” Haslem said.

DeSantis has passed many harmful laws throughout his time as Governor, including the “Don’t Say Gay” law, which means you can’t speak of sexuality or gender in classrooms, sent thousands of asylum seekers to other states, passed anti-abortion legislation, and is at war with Disney, forcing the company to cancel erecting a development in Florida.

Haslem also brought up DeSantis’ expanding of the “stand your ground” law for concealed handgun carriers, yet having a growing list of books banned in school.

“You complain about what’s being taught in school but we took away the gun [law] where you can buy a [expletive] assault rifle at 18,” Haslem said. “I’m confused about what’s the priorities. We’re talking education and in the midst of all of this gun violence going on around the world, how about we just drop the gun laws and make it easier for them to get guns? The [expletive] is confusing to me, that’s why I’m not a politician.”

The 42-year-old also reminds people that he has three sons and thinks it’s essential that what’s taught in school matches reality. However, he encourages people to do their civic duty and vote to elect someone who shares their ideals.

“But that’s out of my control. All I can do is get my ass up and vote. That’s what I’m going to do. I’m going to continue to encourage everybody around me. That’s all I can do,” Haslem said.

Read the rest of Haslem’s thoughts shared with the Boston Globe here.

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