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The good news is that the rate of contracting HIV (Human Immunodeficiency Virus) has fallen dramatically in the last 18 years. What’s not cool is that only 70% of people living with HIV know their status. It’s scary, but there are benefits to getting tested. If you are sexually active and not getting checked out regularly, here are four reasons you should.

Reduce Anxiety

Determining your HIV status can reduce the amount of anxiety experienced when having sex with new and current partners. It will clear your mind of doubt concerning your sexual health and allow you to enjoy sex without a barrier in your mind. Grant yourself peace by getting tested and making your status known to your partners.

 Protect Your Sexual Network

Your sexual network is made up of everyone you’ve had sex with, their partners and so on. When you get tested ,you’re protecting everyone involved. You’re also adding to the overall health of society when you are aware of your HIV status. Don’t let money be a deterrent. There’s low cost—and even free forms—of testing available to you over the counter, at local clinics and in the comfort of your own home thanks to companies like My Lab Box.

Flex Your Sexual Independence

Being sexually autonomous means having control over the sexual information you receive, your interactions and your sexual health. When you get tested, you’re choosing to uphold your responsibility as a sexually active person and utilizing your rights as a free sexual being.

 Save Your Life

When HIV is left untreated, it can lead to serious health complications and eventually obliterate the body’s immune system. Entering into antiretroviral treatments reduce viral load and prevent the transmission of HIV dramatically. Thanks to modern medicine, people with HIV can live long, healthy and happy lives.