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They say this is a big, rich town.

It’s been a year, but we finally get to hear Joe croon those sweet words again from our television speakers because Power is back. So here is a quick rundown of last season. The gang is all here, well everyone except for Raina, played by Donshea Hopkins, who gave her life defending her bonehead twin brother in the leaked penultimate episode. Season 4 ended with Riq, played by Michael Rainey Jr., getting revenge on Ray Ray for viciously taking out his sister, parents, and uncle showing up just in the nick of time to cover it all up. When all signs pointed at Dre for being responsible for everything, Ghost, Tommy and Kanan decide to join forces to take out the opportunistic budding drug lord.

Angela Thinks Ghost Killed Ray Ray

Season 5 picks right up where that crime scene left off with everyone’s favorite television side-chick Angela Valdes doing the most as usual. She runs to the roof to process everything and starts piecing together everything in her head. Of course, Angela wrongly assumes that it was Ghost who killed the corrupt cop because he has all the reasons in the world to do so. Angela is brought back to reality when a sergeant interrupts her to brief her on what they found at the scene and to get a statement out of her. She weasels her way out of the situation without having to give the report. When Angela exits, we meet this season’s new power player, an internal affairs agent Blanca Rodriguez who is already very curious about Angela and looks like she will be a pain in everyone’s side. As Angela gets in her car and pulls off, Dre shows up to settle a debt with Ray Ray and quickly turns around once he sees the massive police presence. Dre immediately calls up Riq to find out what happened but Riq quickly dismisses him off the phone. Dre then calls Cristobal to set up a meeting because they have a problem.

Ghost, Kanan, and Tommy Still Have Trust Issues

The unlikely trio is back together thanks to them sharing one common threat in the form of Dre. They link up to discuss exactly how they are going to eliminate Dre. They need someone to do the hit that won’t be traced back to them in case Jimenez found out. Kanan accepts the job due because Dre still thinks he is dead. This is all banking on the notion that Dre has no idea that Tainos accomplished their goal of course.

Ghost likes the idea and applauds Kanan on his smart thinking, but that’s where the praise ends. Before they head upstairs to Tommy’s apartment Ghost stops Kanan. He asks Kanan if they can still trust him and Kanan reminds his former rival that he set him on fire, not the other way around. He also points out if he wanted to kill them he had plenty of opportunities to do so. Kanan makes it entirely clear that the “light-skinned n****”, as he so eloquently puts it, is the enemy, not him. Ghost agrees.

That still leaves Tommy who has some bitter feelings towards Kanan too. Kanan asks if Riq saw them kill Ray Ray and Tommy lies and tells him Riq wasn’t there and tells Kanan that he doesn’t have any issues with him as long as he stays away from his nephew. With the standards laid down, it looks like these three can coexist for the time being to take down Dre.

Saxe Is Still Trying To Find Greg’s Killer

Saxe is still on a mission to find out who killed his friend Greg Knox and he still believes that Angela and Ghost have something to do with it. Now we know Mike Sandoval is behind Greg’s death, but Saxe is terrible at his job, so he has no clue. A new lead puts back on the trail of Ghost when Maria Suarez recognizes Ghost’s voice on television.

During an interview, she tells Saxe and his boss Tameika that even though she was blindfolded, she will never forget the voice of her fiance’s killer. Back in the series premiere, Ghost was that man, and this is coming back to haunt him. The interview is interrupted by Mak, and Saxe reveals the new revelations against Ghost. Mak doesn’t want to go down “the St.Patrick road again” because it would look like the office has a vendetta against him. Tameika agrees with Mak stating that they should only proceed if they have a substantial enough case and suggests they should tell Angela.

Saxe of course, doesn’t like the idea of Angela being anywhere near his case, and Tameika agrees she shouldn’t be on it officially. Tameika officially hops on board the Angela-is-fishy bandwagon after getting some suspect answers from her about her whereabouts. She informs Saxe to keep Angela away from Maria Saurez until she states otherwise.

The Enemy of My Enemy Is My Friend

Fresh from seeing the crime scene, Angela reaches out to Tasha because they need to talk ASAP. Still believing that Ghost is responsible for Ray Ray’s death, she wants answers from Tasha. Angela breaks down all of the angles playing in her mind that could implicate all of them forcing her to turn them all in and testify against them. Tasha finally sees a window to speak and reveals to Angela that it was Riq who killed Ray Ray, not Ghost.

Shocked at the recent revelation, Angela points out the other pressing matter of them finding that bullet in the wall that traces back to Tasha’s gun. If you recall, during a search Angela executed of Tasha’s penthouse she came across the weapon, ran the ballistics and now it is in the system. Tasha has already reported the gun stolen but she’s a quick thinker and asks Angela how long will it take for them to log in the evidence.

She asks Angela if there is anything she can do to stop it because she refuses to lose another child to Ray Ray’s crooked ways. Angela agrees to bury the evidence, and throughout the episode we see her battling with doing the wrong thing for the right reasons. She eventually goes through with it and deletes the damaging proof but this is Power, and we know all actions have consequences on this show.

Tariq Is Still A Knucklehead

The relationship between these two has been rocky for a while now. It doesn’t get any better in season 5 and looks like it has reached its boiling point. Tasha, Ghost, and Riq sit down for a much-needed discussion about exactly how they got to the point where they are now. Tasha wants answers, and deservingly so, she lost her child and the one person who knows why isn’t saying anything.

She asks her brat of a child why Ray Ray was following him and if Ray Ray killed Raina, Riq being as annoying as he possibly can and is still mum on the matter and doesn’t say anything. Visibly tired of his son’s sh*t, Ghost chimes in instructing his son to tell his mother about his accurately described “punk ass life of crime.” Ghost reveals that Kanan told him everything. Tasha is shocked to find out that Kanan was even involved in the first place.

Ghost explains that Kanan is not the one to be mad at because the culprit is Dre. Ghost asks his knucklehead son how did Dre know Ray Ray and why would he send him (a kid) to confront him? Instead of answering his father’s questions, Riq focuses on being labeled a kid which leads to Ghost losing control and like any Black parent reminds his son by saying “yes the f*ck you are.” Putting some fear in his son, Riq finally opens up and starts talking.

In what was one of the best moments of the premiere, Dre hops up and asks his father what would he have done in the situation as Tasha pleads with her son to tell her why Raina never spoke about what was going on. But, Riq clams up again. Having seen enough, Ghost answers for him and says “because he told her not to” and says his son is “stuck on stupid” before subsequently blaming Riq for his twin sister’s death.

Riq proceeds to make the one mistake no Black child should do to their angry parents, and that is to try and walk away from them during an argument. Ghost immediately follows after him, grabs Riq and throws him up against a wall before Tasha can separate them. Riq retreats to his room leaving his parents to argue amongst themselves. Not finished dishing out blame, Ghost says to Tasha, “that she wasn’t watching him” before walking out in a fit of silent rage.

We also see just how ruthless Tariq is now, while at his own sister’s funeral under the guise of grieving he warned Dre about his father and uncle’s planned hit on him. In the words of 50 Cent, “GET THE STRAP” for this kid. He needs his ass whooped all up and down NYC.

Dre Is Their Greatest Threat Yet

Based on the first episode alone, it looks like we will be sucking our teeth and rolling our eyes at the mere sight of Dre all season long. He is already shaping up to be the biggest threat to Ghost and Tommy. Dre is always one step ahead of his rivals, and he proved that when he thwarted an attempt on his life orchestrated by Tommy, Ghost, and Kanan. Hell, if it wasn’t for Kanan, we might have lost both of them.

After he narrowly escaped the second attempt on his life with some help from Riq, he decided to issue a very stern warning to Ghost. Dre rolls up on Ghost while he is mourning at his daughter’s gravesite and tells him to back off or risk losing someone else close to him. He now has the full protection of the Jimenez Cartel and utilizes messaging made famous by the drug cartel. Before he leaves, Dre puts a card in Ghost’s pocket and also blesses Tommy and Kanan with calling cards to find. Dre confidently walks away and Ghost tears up the warning message into pieces. We are definitely in for a long season, and Dre has us worried already.