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Sherrod’s wearing a Du-Rag with the tail out, so he must be having a rough day. The good thing is he’ll be able to de-stress his very tiny head on the latest episode of “We Tried It” because we’re testing out the Easy Brain Massager.

But first up is Cory, who takes off his beloved fitted cap to get his head massaged. After figuring out how to turn the thing on, he’s immediately taken into a trance. By the look on his face, we can’t tell if he’s enjoying his brain knocking back and forth in his head or if he’s fighting off a migraine. But everything changed when he figured out that he could level up the strength, which took the sensation to new heights. Sherrod is tired of being a bystander and is ready to get his cotton head massaged too. He opts to keep his Du-rag on, which will hopefully increase his changes of waves, because he’s been severely lacking. If he wants his waves to spin like Meek Mill, he’s got a lot of work to do.

But since Sherrod is what we’d call “vertically challenged,” he immediately feels the intensity and begins having visions and seeing things. Even Cory is still feeling the effects as Sherrod begins to float away. In the end, Sherrod begins to hear voices and it’s not just anyone’s voice — it’s former president Barack Obama’s. You’ll have to watch the video up top to find out what secret message Obama wanted Sherrod to deliver to the people.

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