We Tried It: Cherry Cola and Kettle Corn-Flavored Oreos


Another week, another weird food that Cory miiight not like.

On this episode, we’re taking one of your favorite cookies (or is it a cookie sandwich?)—the Oreo—and testing out a few of the newest flavors. In honor of the summer and hearing fireworks for the next few months after July 4, we’ve got the fireworks Oreos, which are stuffed with pop rocks. For lovers of popcorn, there’s a kettle corn flavor, and for people who just want to try something really…odd, there’s the cherry cola flavor.

To get some other opinions, the boys brought some familiar faces on set to get their opinion on Oreo deciding to switch things up. CASSIUS’ own Associate Culture Editor, Barbara Gonzalez hops in to try the kettle corn flavor and she’s feeling it, after saying it reminds her of a regular vanilla oreo with a slight buttery, caramel taste. Sherrod, swallowed one whole because he still hasn’t grasped the whole idea of chewing yet, declares the flavor as weird. Resident BRUHstrologer and Men’s Lifestyle Editor Bruce Goodwin II is feeling the cherry cola option and even convinces Cory to try ’em, but he wasn’t feeling them.

For several inappropriate, that’s-what-she-said jokes, peep the latest episode of We Tried It up top and let us know if you’re feeling Oreo’s latest flavors.

Oh, and someone please teach Sherrod that catcalling isn’t cool.

We Tried It, Oreos

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