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You’re not in college anymore.

That low-quality beer you were guzzling down in undergrad was cheap but it got the job done, right? Well, if your school days are over, it’s time to upgrade your beer taste. On this episode of Grown Man Sh*t, Dustin is going to be teaching you about the beer you should be drinking. Oh, and we’re going to assume he’s rocking a Boston jersey because of the beer culture the city upholds, not because he’s a Larry Bird fan. In any case, we could easily point him in the direction of a Bill Russell jersey.

But in order for you to stunt at the next BBQ, not only does your jersey game need to be right, Dustin says you should get hip to Brooklyn Lager. While it’s a light beer, it does say Brooklyn on the label, which makes Dustin very, very happy for some reason. Next is Guinness, and with Dublin being Dustin’s favorite city, he’s loving it. To show off the deep amber color and beautiful frothy head, he pours it into a glass—albeit without tilting it the way you’re supposed to— and Dustin impressively gulps it down in a matter of seconds.

The best beer he’s ready to show off might be the most important, and its called Leinenkugel. Don’t worry, no one really knows how to pronounce it, but it’s a great beer to bring over to your boss’ barbecue that you really don’t wanna go to. Dustin also offers up some fire food and beer pairings from around the world, but you’ll have to watch the video up top to what to offer at your next cookout.

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