Cassius Life Featured Video

As we all await what is sure to be a memorable #InMyFeelings video, Drake decided to drop the visuals to the bass-thumping “Nonstop.”

In the Apple Music-exclusive video, Drake’s brethren pumps him up before he takes the stage at this year’s Wireless Festival, which took place July 6 through July 8. Despite the album being barely a week old at that point, the crowd raps along word-for-word. The video serves as his love affair with England as he parties with his crew in the clubs. Cameos come from some of his peers, including Quavo and French Montana. In the most Drake—and gif-worthy—scene possible, he’s spotted atop a roof sipping on tea with a durag knotted to the side of his head and a Nike track jacket on.


He’s been wearing adidas a lot lately, so donning swoosh apparel raises eyebrows. Perhaps he reconciled with Oregon-based sportswear juggernaut?

Elsewhere in the video, Drake finds himself on top of a double-decker bus around London as fans stand in shock and try to grab pictures of the 6 God. Watch the Theo Skudra-directed video up top.