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Does Sherrod look more like an 8 Mile extra or a hipster Klan member?

According to Cory, he looks like both. Sherrod was probably just trying to dress accordingly for what the guys are trying out today—grillz. The production team has hooked Cory up with his own set of grills that only managed to cost $28.99.

Even better than the price is our special guest this week, which is none other than Sherrod’s girlfriend Vernita from Guyana. Sherrod is so comfortable with his relationship that Vernita and Cory having matching grills doesn’t bother him one bit, but Cory constantly putting his arms around her does piss him off. After dropping the grills in warm water to make the adhesive stickier, Cory manages to stick the grills across his top teeth to reveal a southern accent that will rival that of Drake’s in the “In My Feelings” video. Vernita opts for the bottom half of the grill, but neither are able to talk very clear with the huge blocks of metal protruding from their mouth.

So you know what that means… destruction time.

P.S. Sherrod wanted grills to but he lacks something very crucial… teeth.

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