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Check out NBC Nightly News’ Interview with Spike Lee and Ron Stallworth.

In a recent TV interview with Lester Holt, Spike Lee and Ron Stallworth discuss BlacKkKlansman, which is in theaters everywhere on August 10. Below, a clip of Stallworth detailing a phone call with David Duke, who expressed his concern about his portrayal in the film.

“He’s only seen the trailer, and in the trailer it makes him out to be a buffoonish, cartoonish idiot,” Stallworth shared. When asked by Holt if that portrayal was accurate, Stallworth said, “In some areas, yeah. Spike made him look kinda stupid, but he was stupid in how this whole thing transpired 40 years ago.”


Speaking of BlacKkKlansman, an Unreleased Prince Song Will Be in the Film.

Spike Lee told Rolling Stone that Prince’s cover of the Negro spiritual “Mary Don’t You Weep” will play during the film’s end credits, so if you catch the film, wait for it.

“I knew that I needed an end-credits song,” Lee said. “I’ve become very close with Troy Carter, one of the executives at Spotify [and a Prince estate advisor]. So I invited Troy to a private screening. And after, he said, ‘Spike, I got the song.’ And that was ‘Mary Don’t You Weep,’ which had been recorded on cassette in the mid-Eighties.”

He continued, “Prince wanted me to have that song, I don’t care what nobody says. My brother Prince wanted me to have that song. For this film. There’s no other explanation to me. This cassette is in the back of the vaults. In Paisley Park. And all of a sudden, out of nowhere, it’s discovered? Nah-ah. That ain’t an accident.”

Serena Williams’ Latest Statement Addresses Motherhood Struggles.

It was a rough week for Serena Williams, but not for the reason you may think. In a statement released on Instagram on Monday (August 6), Williams shared how postpartum emotions have been wearing on her since giving birth to her baby girl.

“It’s totally normal to feel like I’m not doing enough or my baby,” she wrote to other mothers. “We have all been there. I work a lot, I train, and I’m trying to be the best athlete I can be.”

You’re doing amazing, Serena.

The West Hollywood City Council Voted Unanimously to Remove Donald Trump’s Star.

“West Hollywood City Council voted unanimously to remove President Trump’s star from the Hollywood Walk of Fame, says the mayor,” AJ+ reported late Monday. “It will now make a formal recommendation for its removal to the Hollywood Chamber of Commerce.”

Happy Tuesday.

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