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Welcome to an episode of We Tried It where Cory and Sherrod *may* end up sorta kinda cuddling at the end.

Let’s start from the beginning as the boys are trying out Orsen’s inflatable lounge Air Sofa. It makes the perfect addition for when you regrettably decide to be adventurous and go hunting or get tired of standing at whatever music festival you’re at. The Air Sofa comes in a carrying back and a few stakes to stick it in the ground. Other than that, you’re on your own—and that includes filling it up with air.

Since it doesn’t come with a pump to fill it up with air, you’re forced to hold it open and turn around in circles until you condense enough air inside of it. You may look weird doing it in public, but in the end, you’ll be chilling in comfort. After filling it up with air — as Sherrod sits there doing nothing— Cory folds the sofa in half before finally closing it and hopping on top of it. Cory surprises us all and is actually feeling the Air Sofa and can’t wait to take it on his next camping trip. The awkwardness begins when Sherrod finds out just how comfortable the couch is and wants to try it out despite Cory telling him to wait his turn. How does Cory feel about that? You’ve just gotta watch the episode up top to find out.

We Tried It Air Sofa

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