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On this spicy episode of We Tried It, the guys take a frozen fruit dessert maker for a spin, and just in time! We heard this week’s gonna be a scorcher.

We’d also like to note that Sherrod has returned to the set in another hoodie, this time with “I’m Upset!” written across it—shout out to Drizzy. Actually, it’s the same hoodie from last week, as Cory points out Sherrod’s just been using masking tape to the write the messages and adhere them to his shirt.


The iSiLER Frozen Fruit Dessert Maker could be a good blender substitute, at least Cory hopes. Upon powering up the machine and adding berries to the mix, things get off to a slow start. (Sherrod would like to note that if you have juice leakage and you don’t own an iSiLER, you should probably go to the doctor to get checked out.) Moments later, however, the guys are left with a frozen, soft serve-esque treat that fills the bowl well above the rim. But is it good, though?

Sherrod says it looks “exquisitely summery,” and Cory says it tastes like frozen fruit that’s pushed together. Doesn’t sound like the most glowing review ever, but overall, Cory likes it. Besides, who’s trying to spend $6 on one single cup of sorbet when you can easily set the function off at the crib?

Sidebar: we wonder what the outcome would have been had they added some honey or yogurt to the mix. If you wanna try it out for yourself, the iSiLER Frozen Fruit Dessert Maker will only cost you $36.95 if you order it from Amazon. If you try it out, hit us up on Twitter and let us know how it goes.

We Tried It: The iSiLER Frozen Fruit Dessert Maker

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