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We made it: 9 episodes of deceit, backstabbing, and excessive lying all leads to Power‘s season 5 finale. In last week’s penultimate episode, things got progressively worse despite everyone’s best efforts and trying to cover their tracks.

Tommy is back to being an emotional wreck after having to take out his own father, Riq makes it clear that he wants to be just like his “dad” and learn the game, and Dre makes a deal with Angela for the sake of himself and his daughter. But no one felt the walls closing in on them more than Angela who is now the main subject of a RICO case levied against her by her own team. All of those developments set up each and every plot twist that took place in Power‘s season-ender.

Time Is Running Out For Angela

Angela is now on the clock and has a crucial decision to make. The RICO case they dropped names her as an accomplice to the murder of A.U.S.A. Mike Sandoval. With her lawyer Charles Hamilton (Gary Dourdan) present, Angela’s former colleagues and boss drop some harsh accusations on her, Ghost, Tommy, and Tasha. Angela feels the pressure but doesn’t fold, she knows they can’t prove anything yet and asks for 24 hours to make a decision.

Snitching, of course, is the last thing she wants to do because she does not want to put the man she loves behind bars. Quickly thinking she reaches out to everyone to set up a meeting and fill them in on the recent developments. The unlucky team meets at their high school where Angela breaks down piece by piece the Rico case against them. Taking the lead, she assigns each person a target that she knows her former team will try to squeeze information out of hoping to get them to flip. Angela instructs Ghost to handle Proctor, Tasha to talk to LaKeisha and she will take care of Dre cause she has a plan.

Unfortunately what she doesn’t know is that Terry Silver is back in town and he is working with feds in hopes of making a deal to save Tasha. Then there’s backstabbing; during the meeting, Tommy makes it clear that Angela has to hand Tasha a note stating they need to kill her now. Tasha tells him to chill, and that now is not the time, but she does agree Valdez has to go.

Dre Has Nine Lives

No one has been luckier than Dre this season. He has been shot at nearly every episode, and they just can’t seem to get rid of this guy. Dre is already in deep trouble with his former connect Alicia who wants him dead now after he made a deal with Angela to giving up the head of Jimenez cartel and his No.2 Cristobal. As a reward for becoming a snitch, Angela promised to put him and his daughter in witness protection ensuring the cartel won’t find him.

Well, Angela’s help can’t come soon enough, while taking down his baby mother in the bedroom, two hitters sneak into his apartment and try to assassinate him. Somehow they were pretty sloppy, and Dre spots them in the corner of his eye and is able to avoid the bullets. With the help of his baby momma, Dre manages to kill both of the Jimenez hitmen— dodging death once again.

Rattled after the attempt on his life he instructs his lackey 2-Bit to bring him a bulletproof vest and round up some quick cash for him. Dre tells 2-Bit about his whole plan to pin all of the hits on Alicia, but he plans on “telling the truth” and tell the feds that it was Ghost and Tommy clearing his name. 2-Bit is clearly annoyed at the fact that Dre is even snitching in the first place but does not express his frustrations. Instead, in typical Power fashion, 2-Bit goes behind Dre’s back to Tommy and tells him about the entire plan.

With the new information, Tommy calls Angela and tells her he plans on taking out Dre once and for all but Angela reveals she has a plan in place for Dre. We quickly learn what exactly that plan is when Tommy, 2-Bit, Spanky, and others ambush Dre while he’s trying to meet up with Angela. We witness another intense shootout which leads to Dre taking a bullet to the leg.

Wounded and running out of places to hide, Dre takes a leap of faith through a window. A van rolls up, and to our surprise, it’s Angela’s one night stand F.B.I. bae waiting inside with a form for Dre to sign implicating Alicia. With no other options, Dre signs the paper, and the van pulls off. This was all part of the plan, Tommy gets his organization back, a bunch of new recruits and gets Dre out of the picture for now.

LaKeisha Is Tired of Lying For The St. Patricks

LaKeisha is just tired of having to lie and deal with all of these people. All she wants is to do hair, take care of her son Cash ( who we never see) and be in a relationship with Tommy. Unfortunately, after a visit with her white gangster boo doesn’t go as planned when he kicks her out in a booger sugar-induced rage and she is greeted by her “bestie” Tasha.

The visit wasn’t to lend moral support or to give her a shoulder to cry on after being screamed on. Instead, Tasha is there to make sure LaKeisha’s story is straight. Keisha is insulted that Tasha is just ignoring her tears and only thinking about herself. Tasha apologizes, and things seem to be back to normal but the moment quickly becomes contentious again when she asks if Keisha has her story straight. Over it, Keisha gets her Martin Lawrence on and kicks her best friend out of her apartment and tells her not to come back.

With her pride in shambles, Tasha sends a text to Tommy and tells him to get his girlfriend in check. To make matters worse, Keisha is approached by Saxe, and he applies even more pressure to a van extremely tense situation. Saxe reveals to her that Tony Teresi is dead and she immediately understands now why Tommy was behaving the way he was with her.

Tommy invites Keisha back over after receiving the text from Tasha to apologize or possibly kill her if she doesn’t get in line. Keisha quickly reveals she understands why he was behaving the way he was because he had to kill his own father. Shocked that Keisha knew that tidbit of information, he gets her to explain that Saxe ran up on her. Keisha tells the caucasian gangster that Saxe is threatening to throw her in jail and take away her son if she can’t get him to flip on Ghost.

The meeting is interrupted by a knock on the door, it’s none other than Saxe, and he’s bearing even more information. Knowing that Tommy is not trying to hear a word he has to say, he immediately plays a tape of the gangster’s late father saying there is nothing on Tommy and he had no intentions of snitching on his son with his primary mission being to get Ghost. The new revelation hits Tommy quickly, he takes the recorder and sends Saxe on his way. Keisha comes out of hiding (Saxe already knew she was there) and he tells her the new information.

Tommy is sick, but Keisha understands why he did it, so he tells her he has to go and handle some business. Now fully down for the cause, she tells him she will be waiting for him when he gets back.

Silver Should Have Stayed Hidden

The world searched for Silver after he packed up every damn thing and got the hell out of dodge. His love for Tasha brings him back, but that turns out to be fatal. Any Power fan knows a kiss from Tasha St. Patrick is the kiss of death.

Silver surprises Tasha at her hotel in hopes to explain himself and make things right between them again. He tells her that if she flips on Ghost, she will, in essence, save herself and won’t be sent to prison. Tasha is not trying to hear it and sends Silver and his brunch boots on his merry way she wants nothing to do with him. She will quickly have to change her stance on that, though after Angela explains to her the importance of having Silver on their side.

Tasha knows she has the man wrapped around her finger, and she has the one vital tool to keep him in line. They link up again, and this time things get steamy. Tasha’s job is complete, but unbeknownst to them, Ghost was watching the entire thing go down. When Tasha pulls off, Ghost seizes his moment to finally kill Silver— it looks like he still has some feelings for his estranged wife after all.

Tasha and Tommy Make Their Own Moves

The death of Silver has serious implications almost immediately. Angela’s plan to get Dre to implicate Alicia worked and she invites Tasha over to celebrate. Tasha enters the apartment but leaves the door unlocked, and we quickly learn why. Angela congratulates Tasha for getting Silver to not show up to the hearing, but Tasha states the plan was for him to show up.

Tasha and Angela’s intense confrontation that has been a long-time coming is interrupted by Tommy, who makes his way into the apartment, and it looks like now is the time to finally kill Angela. The heat is on Angela as she tries to convince her former unlikely team members that she did not tell Ghost about Silver being back in town. Tommy has his own concerns in regards to his father Teresi and how Ghost knew about that. Angela does fess up to telling James and showing him the pictures, but that isn’t enough for Tommy.

It’s when she reveals she took the pictures of the photos of Teresi on Saxe’s desk is when Tasha intervenes and tells Tommy not to kill Angela for now.

Tommy Gets His Revenge

After her brush with death in her apartment, Angela immediately links up with Ghost because she has questions, and so does he. The two both have doubts about each other after having separate conversations. After a meeting with Proctor where his lawyer points out that there’s a female witness who knows James is Ghost. The usually reliable Proctor believes that woman is Angela —despite it actually being Maria Saurez—ad hammers the point home that Ghost needs to protect himself and his family not Angela.

Angela believes Ghost killed Silver and feels she can no longer trust him and doubts their fairytale ending is ever going to happen. She immediately asks James if he did the deed and after a long pause, Ghost lies and says he did not kill Silver. The two embrace and hug each other and kiss for what might be the last time. While all this was going on between the forbidden lovers, Tommy secretly shows up after having a conversation with Vincent and learning Ghost gave the photos to the Italian mob boss.

His mission is to take out Ghost once and for all because his dad was the final straw. As Tommy is about to pull the trigger, Angela sees him and moves Ghost out-of-the-way taking a bullet in the chest. In shock. Ghost looks up and sees the smiling Tommy who may have missed his target but taking out Angela is a grand consolation prize. We are left with Angela bleeding out and Ghost crying over her. Now it looks like season six we will once again be Ghost vs. Tommy. Is this Angela’s last moment on the show? This is one hell of a cliffhanger to leave us on.