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We’re celebrating men’s hair this month here at CASSIUS, so you know we had to get Cory and Sherrod in on the fun, too, right?

We could’ve had a profession barber come in and give them fresh lineups or something, but it’s even more fun if we let them shape themselves up—with the beard ninja. Shaped like a ninja star, its outlined in a clear plastic that helps clean up the stray hairs on your face. Cory is from Philly, where it’s not rare to see a 15-year-old with a full beard so you know he takes his facial hair pretty seriously. However, he’s not willing to mess up his curated cheek line so just like a vet, he opts to clean up his neckline—a pro tip for anyone about to go on a date or just leaving the house and doesn’t want to look too scraggly.

We do manage to get our producer Sebastien on film and he’s brave enough to shave off the stray hairs along his cheek with the beard ninja and he loves it. While the product might not be perfect, it comes in clutch in between cuts or those terrible times when the barbershop is just too damn crowded. Sherrod wants to get in on the action too and get a fresh line up even though by the looks of it he’s never gone to a Black barber his entire life. We’ll be sure to check back in when Sherrod learns what a taper is and why his girlfriend allowed him to leave the house without moisturizing whatever the hell is on top of his head.

We Tried It Beard Ninja

Source: iOne Video / iOne Video