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You thought we’d go that long without forcing some food on Cory?

Well, you thought wrong. On the latest episode of We Tried It, we learn that Cory is on this new health kick and is trying to turn it into a new business venture. He tried getting Sherrod on board but the mini human has no interest in starting up a healthy smoothie business with Cory. But before Cory can sell smoothies, he’s gotta figure out the perfect recipe and the best smoothie to get the job done— enter the Aicok Juicer.

Instead of Cory struggling, we decided to bring in some help since the homie DC Young Fly was in the building. Even with two people, they can’t seem to get the machine going without shoving a knife halfway into the machine. Eventually, the trio filled the blender with fruit and got the thing to work only to not be satisfied with fresh fruit juice. It looks like Cory’s latest venture has already been squashed, so you know what that means—destruction time.

In being cordial to our guest, we let DC Young Fly grab the circular saw and get to work. But you’ll have to watch the video up top to see how terrible that turned out.

We Tried It Juicer

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