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There’s one commonality that comes with having roommates, living in a dorm, or working in an office— and that’s sharing a refrigerator.

The same goes for the CASSIUS office because someone has been stealing Cory’s lunch out of the shared fridge for the past few weeks. He’s a busy man and can’t sit in the kitchen all day to figure out who it is, so his next bet was to cop the M-One Mini DV Spy Camera. Cory admits that it was tough to set up, but once he finally put it together, everything else was a breeze.

He also knew what time his food went missing and decided to put the hidden camera in the fridge the same day he bought a beloved cheese steak to save for later. He decided to watch the footage in front of Sherrod who noticeably looked nervous and damn near started stuttering. All signs initially pointed to Sebastien from our video crew being the culprit, but after noticing he was the one who left the smelly fish, the real culprit was revealed. And it was Sherrod.

While no one is sure how Sherrod, who stands at about 8 inches tall got to the top shelf of the fridge, he refuses to admit it was him despite getting caught on camera.

Now if only Sherrod had a way to prove that Cory’s guilty of sending Vernita (his girlfriend from Guyana) flowers…

We Tried It, Spy Camera

Source: iOne Video / iOne Video