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Our Twitter timeline has our blood pressure up. And considering how stressful the times are, it may not be a bad idea to keep an eye on your heart health. That’s where the AliveCor Kardia Mobile comes in, which—you guessed it—is the star of this episode of We Tried It.

As usual, Sherrod is way too hype, but that’s fine because it’s not like he has a heart to overwork anyway. That said, Cory takes the reigns and walks us through everything we need to know.

First things first, this isn’t a defibrillator. (If you’re not sure what we’re talking about, Sherrod does an A1 impersonation of one—complete with sound effects—at the 2-minute mark.) This is an EKG monitor, which allows you to keep tabs on your heart activity straight from your mobile device with a quick app download. With the option to adhere the EKG reader to the back of your phone, you can get a read on your blood pressure and heart rate just about anywhere.

Cory feels really smart during this demonstration, and Sherrod also gives us an insightful lesson on the definition of biometrics. Cory’s not paying any attention, however, because he’s too enthralled by the AliveCor, which allows him to analyze his vitals with the touch of his fingers. Sherrod may not have a heart, but he decides to give it a go himself. There’s a split-second scare when Sherrod plays dead (the EKG clearly can’t read anything), but then he comes back to life to remind us: he’s heartless AF.

If FitBits and smartwatches aren’t your thing, then perhaps the AliveCor Kardia Mobile is just what you need. You can cop it now for $100. Watch the guys try it out up top.

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