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On the latest episode of CasBar, we’re kicking it with actor and musician Mack Wilds. We decided to switch things up, so instead of playing 2K or Tekken we decided to rock with Marvel vs. Capcom: Infinite.

But first, we gotta make sure everyone knows the rules:

  1. If Team CASSIUS wins, Wilds has to answer any crazy question we ask. If Wilds wins, he gets to plug whatever he wants for 15 seconds.
  2. To make things fair (and speed things up) the fights will only last three rounds.
  3. And most importantly, Team CASSIUS better not get its ass kicked.

Off the rip, Mack mentions that he’s a Marvel vs. Capcom fan, but since he hasn’t played the latest version yet, he might be a bit rusty. The two go back and forth about picking Chun-Li and Captain America before kicking off round one. While Wade is getting his ass kicked, the two chop it up about Mack trying to balance his personal life and being a star. He speaks on how hard it is to help his friends reach their dreams while still maintaining his own star power which spreads him thin.

Mack easily won the second round and offers a glimpse into what inspired his cult classic “After Hours” project.

“It was a project we did while shooting ‘Shots Fired’ and ‘The Breaks’ at the same time. I wanted to do something that inspired where I was at the time. The only time that I had time to myself was the night. So being out in NYC and having the night-time to myself, I started to create all of these feelings and vibes…You know, a text message at 2 am is different than a text message at 2pm,” he explains.

To find out who took an L, watch the entire episode up top.

Casbar Mack Wilds

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