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If you know anything about Sean “Diddy” Combs, you know he dislikes being bad at anything. He’s accomplished so much in his life and career, including once running the New York City marathon, just because he wanted to test his limits and take on the challenge.

But it turns out there’s one thing Diddy doesn’t have. Although we haven’t heard much more about his athletic pursuits since he finished the marathon, like many a Black man, it appears Diddy would enjoy running some ball. Unfortunately, his jump shot is weak.

Chris Matthews, known as Lethal Shooter, is an NBA shooting coach that Diddy hired to help him improve his skills. He’s worked with NBA players, including Anthony Davis, Kentavious Caldwell-Pope, WNBA player Candace Parker, and celebrities like Michael B. Jordan, Chris Brown, and Drake. But it’s an uphill battle, as a recent video shared on their mutual social media accounts shows.

At what looks to be his Los Angeles home (which sharp eyes may note looks to be already decked out for Christmas), Diddy and Matthews get some shots up.

While Diddy does make a few good shots, he also has a few bricks, turning to the camera and saying, “Gonna let you in on a secret. Right now, Diddy has the worst jump shot a Black man can have.”

While he said he’s had a few shoulder surgeries, Diddy said, “No excuses,” and then ran off in triumph when he hit a particularly difficult shot.

Whether it’s just coaching or they’re working on a future project together, Diddy and Matthews share a similar philosophy.

“So many of us have gifts. For me, every day, I try to use my platform and try to move towards a purpose in a way where people can see that giving up is never an option,” Matthews told USA Today in 2021.

“My slogan is to stay locked in. If a lot of things are going bad, stay focused. Stay away from negative people. Make sure you are around individuals who are going to push you in life. Make sure you are around individuals who understand your vision. If you’re not around people who understand your vision, you’re just not going to be successful.”

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