Before he was in the sunken place, Kanye West was full of quotables. Like the time he pondered what Lady Gaga knows about cameras. Or the time he was perplexed by a TMZ cameraman asking about his fashion, which forced him to exclaim: “DO YOU SEE THIS COAT?!

Kanye knew coats were important and so does Dustin. Now that fall is here, it’s easier for guys to get ‘fits off because layering becomes second nature—and Dustin is going to teach you about the coats you need to have in your closet at all times.

It starts with the ever so classic denim jacket that has stood the test of time. Find a brand that fits you correctly, and you’ll have a jacket to dress up or down. Dustin suggests hitting up your local thrift store to cop coats and, like him, maybe you’ll even score a wool coat for under $20.

But, above all, is the trench coat—because what other jacket are you going to be butt naked under?

P.S. Please make sure a jacket isn’t the only thing keeping you warm this winter. If you need pointers on that, we got you covered on first date etiquette. Check out our complete fall outerwear guide here.

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