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‘Back To School With David Banner’ Episode 3


On the third and final episode of Back to School With David Banner, we find the rapper taking a trip down memory lane as he strolls around Southern University’s campus.

“This man is profound. When people ask who’s the MLK of your generation, for me, in the ’90s, that was Lavell. He showed me my blackness. He put it on a pedestal,” says Heather William Tanner, former Miss Southern University and recruiting manager.

While that may be a big honor bestowed upon Banner, it’s not the only one given to him while visiting Southern’s campus. The College of Business at Southern University has officially named Nov. 3 Lavell Crump Day.

“I needed that. I think my spirit needed that,” Banner says with a smile after being presented with the framed honor.

Before receiving that plaque, he enters the band room with joyous music being played as he takes to the podium.

He tells the group of students that they have a chance to influence the next generation to attend Southern. He encourages them that being great doesn’t mean they have to be like him. Instead, he wants them to find their own revolution through their unique talents.

“Your revolution may be that drum or that saxophone. Your revolution may be your food. Then you cook for your people and keep them healthy,” Banner advises.

The full circle moment was capitalized by Banner walking through campus, leaving the graduating class with some words of wisdom: to find the power within themselves.

“It’s your responsibility. There’s no one coming out of the sky to help our people. The new world that we all want to see is in us. It’s in you. It’s not going to come unless you build it,” he concludes.

Watch the final episode of Back to School With David Banner above.