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Bishop Lamor Whitehead Robbery Suspect Pleads Guilty

Source: Johnny Nunez / Getty / Bishop Lamor Whitehead

Gaudy Brooklyn Pastor Bishop Lamor Whitehead got some justice when one of the men who robbed him during a livestream service pleaded guilty.

Spotted on Gothamist, Say-Quan Pollack, 25, pleaded guilty to a federal robbery charge for stealing Bishop Lamor Whitehead’s jewelry during a church service stream.

The incident happened in July 2022, and the judge will sentence Pollack in the coming months, the website reports.

Per Gothamist:

Pollack swiveled in his chair and occasionally rubbed his face during the proceedings, which lasted about half an hour. At times, Pollack asked Judge William F. Kuntz II to repeat his questions before he responded with a “yes” or a “no.”

“I participated in a robbery,” he said after pleading guilty. “I took another person’s property with a threat.”

He said he went to school through eighth grade and received a high school equivalency degree in jail.

The robbery went down as Whitehead preached at the Leaders of Tomorrow International Church in Canarsie last year.

According to prosecutors, three men, dressed in all black, wearing masks with guns drawn, entered the church, forcing the pastor to drop to his knees.

Whitehead could be heard saying, “Yo, alright, alright, alright.”

Police later arrested Pollack and Juwan Anderson. Pollack was supposed to plead guilty to the crime earlier this year but backed out of the deal he made with prosecutors.

Despite Pollack pleading guilty, Anderson has done the opposite and maintains his innocence. The third man involved in the robbery has not been found.

Bishop Lamor Whitehead Also Has His Problems With The Law

As for the good Bishop, the man who says he is a “mentee” of the op, aka NYC Mayor Eric Adams, has also found himself in trouble with the law.

Whitehead was indicted in federal court in Manhattan for allegedly stealing $90,000 of retirement savings from a church member.

He also got called out for using homophobic and fatphobic slurs.

That’s not something a good Christian would do.

Photo: Johnny Nunez / Getty

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