Gaudy Brooklyn Pastor Bishop Lamor Whitehead got some justice when one of the men who robbed him during a livestream service pleaded guilty.


A white pastor at the Matoaka Baptist Church of Ochelata in Oklahoma has just gotten himself and his church ousted by the Southern Baptist Convention, the nation’s largest Protestant denomination, according to the Associated Press. Why was he ousted? Because he’s one of many Caucasians who aren’t imaginative enough to figure out how to dress as […]

The married couple recently visited Florida’s Everglades Correctional Institution to deliver the good word to 300 inmates.


The Black community can’t stop side-eyeing Kanye West, but it seems ‘Ye has found a friend in infamous pastor, Joel Osteen, at least. As Yeezus amps up his religious shtick, Osteen is taking notice and has reportedly invited Yeezus to his megachurch. “Sources with direct knowledge tell TMZ, Kanye and Joel speak from time to […]

This past weekend Kanye West made a couple of appearances in the Washington D.C. area. He performed a Sunday Service special at Howard University’s Homecoming on Saturday, and then he made the quick trip over to George Washington University. It was at George Washington where he had a listening event in their auditorium where he […]

Kanye West once rapped “I Am A God” on his album Yeezus, now it would seem in all of his MAGA madness he has found God and wants to help spread the word on his own terms with his own church. Kanye West has been so inspired by his Sunday Service shows that he wants […]