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When you’re young and in love, money is the last thing you might think you should be talking about. However, the truth is that if you see a future with your partner, talking finances is actually one of the most important things you could discuss.

TD Bank’s annual Love & Money Survey asks couples and divorcees to share the financial details of their romantic lives. The most recent survey, conducted between June 2017 and June 2018, determined that money conversations are essential. Of the respondents, 6 in 10 claimed to talk about money at least weekly, and 33 percent reported arguing about money at least monthly.

Just because society tells us money is a taboo topic doesn’t mean we shouldn’t be getting real about it. Check out some of the topics that should be broached when it comes to finances in your relationship.

Talk About…Your Family’s Money History

According to an article from The Gottman Institute, arguments about money within our personal relationships usually aren’t actually about money—they’re about our personal relationships to money. Our upbringing and family’s relationship to finances and budgeting can greatly influence our personal relationships to spending and saving, so that is something that is definitely worth getting into.

Talk About…Your Personal Financial Goals

Maybe your partner wants to own property by the time they’re 35 but that cuts into your plan to own a Porsche by the time you’re 30. These are conversations that need to be had up front. Lay it all on the table—what do you want your financial future to look like?

Talk About…Your Debt

This is one that you might have to bring out a bottle for. Nobody wants to talk about the mountains of student debt, credit card debt, or worse, IRS debt, that they owe. But since this directly affects your credit score and could impact your entire financial future when it comes to buying anything, it’s crucial to talk about it before you set up a plan.

Talk About…Your Spending Habits

If you absolutely need to go shopping for a new wardrobe with every trend change and your partner still has the same pair of prescription glasses from five years ago, this is probably going to be a huge discrepancy in the future. Get ahead of the game by having this conversation early.