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Reynolds Wrap Bougie Birds Trio

All across the nation, families and friends will gather for Thanksgiving dinner complete with the centerpiece meal of lore in a finely browned turkey with all the trimmings. While traditions are meant to be upheld, they can also be updated and Reynolds Wrap has a trio of Bougie Birds that will take your meals over the top.

The concept of the Bougie Birds trio is quite simple. Yes, we’re accustomed to the usual brined and browned turkey filled with vegetables and stuffing (or dressing, depending on where you’re from) along with a tin of delicious gravy to top it off. But the Bougie Birds are the “quiet luxury” versions that will have your guests talking for weeks after sampling the delights.

We’ll let Reynolds Wrap talk up the three Bougie Birds below:

Reynolds Wrap Bougie Birds Trio

Crème de la Caviar Turkey: This 24-hour-brined bird plays into the salty flavor and savory goodness of caviar; Topped with crunchy potato chips (TikTok’s accompaniment of choice for caviar) and decadent Crème Fraîche.

Reynolds Wrap Bougie Birds Trio

24K Truffle Turkey: Lucrative black truffle shavings and edible 24k gold flakes adorn this bird because you deserve it. The only thing more decadent than the ingredients are the rich flavors of balsamic, truffle butter and kashmiri used to roast this Bougie Bird.

Reynolds Wrap Bougie Birds Trio

Luxe Lobster Turkey: Lobster roll, but make it turkey! All the traditional seafood boil flavors of lemon, butter and Cajun spices marinate together before serving this turkey with steamed lobster and herbed cornbread stuffing.

“We want to lean into this ‘treat culture’ trend of our consumers,” says Emmanuel de Luca, senior brand manager, Reynolds Wrap. “These turkeys are an elevated version of the typical main dish, offering the opportunity to indulge in little luxuries and an unforgettable culinary experience this holiday season with the help of Reynolds Wrap® for easy prep, cooking and hassle-free cleanup.”

We’ll have to agree that we’ve yet to see turkeys this over the top before. Who knows, maybe we can convince the chef to jazz up our bird this week, stay tuned.

To learn more about the Reynolds Wrap Bougie Birds trio, click here for recipes.

Photo: Reynolds Wrap